The new acoustic barrier structure consists of 15 separate fully fabricated box girders made out of profile cut plate & full penetration welded together. These box girders are installed at either side of the superscreen and are bolted together with SHS sections set-out to specific levels and pitches that also act as support for the glass that is connected to the back section of the stand.

We had our challenges at the design and drawing stages to incorporate the existing structures positions, overhangs, re-bar scanning & pre-installed HD bolts but after surveying was completed and incorporated into our 3D Tekla model we were able to plan, review and adjust members to enable a buildable solution both in the workshop and onsite.

Site installation of the box girders posed its own challenges & two cranes were required, one sitting on the grass embankment below the stand and the second on the foyer between the stands. The simulations lifting of the girders & bracing worked perfectly and we were able to install all 15 girders safely and ahead of schedule.

The acoustic barrier is the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle for Eden Park to enable music concerts to be held. The first stage of the superscreen acted both as a screen and acoustic barrier & the closing of the space between the screen and existing stands provides the sound protection and dampening to keep noise levels acceptable for the local community.

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