This project is for one of our more unique long-standing customers who provides signage solutions along side several other development and advertising areas.

Unique being the key word as the structure is placed on top of a 10-storey existing 1980’s building in Auckland CBD & could only be installed during the Christmas / new year period due to Auckland council requirements. Funnily enough the design engineer of the project designed part of the existing 1980’s structure during his apprenticeship.

Our first stage on this project was to survey, detail, fabricate and install 24 SHS stubs that the new frames seat, drilling through the 700mm wide concrete ring beams & finally re-surveying the as-builts which we then transferred into our model to ensure all 4 base frames lined up perfectly onsite.

Stage two we undertook the detailing, fabrication and installation of the twelve identical frames, that we build up on a jig in the workshop to ensure all frames were identical, after painting we then lifted into position with the use of a 250t crane and bolted together in sets of four onsite, in the end the full four-sided built-up frames create a three-storey structure with grating.

The installation of the frames was achieved ahead of schedule due to the survey of the previously installed stub seats & tight fabrication tolerances we placed on our welders and fabricators in the workshop.

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