The building was designed as three separate structures tied together through seismically isolated bridges.

Basement 1 incorporated 65t of steelwork that was installed directly to the steel pile caps through a weld plate connection on each pile. The setting up, welding and weld testing of the plates was all completed prior to the delivery and installation of the floor beams to ensure the beams could be installed efficiently & also reduce the impact for other trades by storing the steel prior on the tight building footprint of this site.

Level GF- level 1 received 100t of steelwork & had a varied mix of members ranging from a 100mm equal angle to an 800mm deep welded beam. We worked closely with the main contractor and precast fabricator to ensure weld plates and drilled plates etc. were incorporated and coordinated early on to ensure site installation ran smoothly.

Levels 2-5 – these are the apartment block levels and generally had lighter sections again fixed to precast walls & also structural steel columns. Onsite installation gained momentum in these middle floors as they were all designed symmetrically which allowed all trades to gain understanding of each other’s processes.

Roof – A mix of steel trusses and portal frames that set out openings and provided a seating detail for timber trusses.

All in all, this was our largest project and most complicated to date and we are very happy with the final product and results speak for themselves.

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